Brantley Gilbert is known for his rough-around-the-edges persona, but his definition of being "tough" has changed a bit over the years.

When Brantley first stepped onto the scene, fans immediately noticed his bad-boy mentality. From his tattoos to his rings and chains, Brantley gave off the typical "tough guy" vibe, but over time, his idea of being "tough" has changed quite a bit.

After managing to stay sober for five years, Brantley now likes to focus more on his mental strength than his appearance.

“I had a big misconception of what tough was. I thought tough was being physically tough, and I found through the years that being tough is more about being emotionally and morally tough. And throughout my life I think people have had to get to know me a little bit before they truly understand things. There’s a lot more to it than tattoos and chains.”

Brantley is currently out on his The Devil Don't Sleep tour.

Photo: Getty Images