Omid Moghadam, Founder and CEO - Namida Lab

Omid Moghadam is the founder and CEO of Namida Lab. He is an inventor, entrepreneur, venture investor, and educator. He specializes in launching new ventures with social impact in health and technology. Moghadam has inventions in medical imaging, cryptography, microprocessor design, medical devices, diagnostics, digital photography, data science, and communications. He is currently the Chairman of RAPID Dosimetry, a precision medicine company he also co-founded and a board member of The Diary Corporation.

He is the past founder or co-founder of nine companies in Healthcare IT, genomics, diagnostics, and medical imaging, and has held executive positions at Intel, Eastman Kodak, and CTG-AMS Corporations.

He formerly served on the advisory boards of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Children's Hospital Boston, and California Healthcare Foundation, and has held academic positions at Harvard Medical School Department of Biomedical Informatics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Lally School of Business as well as an EIR position at UCLA.

Mr. Moghadam’s past approaches to innovation have been highlighted in two books: Grabbing Lightning, and The Innovators Prescription. Omid loves art, history, languages, and travel. Most Sundays he can be found sweating over FT’s Polymath crossword puzzle.

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